Sit back and enjoy the unfolding tale of “The Brambles”, the story of a garden. Get to know the characters, from friendly blackbirds to cheeky squirrels. Enjoy the flowers and changing seasons.

Hi, I’m Natasha and “The Brambles” is my garden. I’m not a gardener! I “garden”, I try to keep “on top of it” but it sometimes slips. OK, it more often than not slips!!! Luckily I’m not into the “manicured look”, and it’s a good job really, as The Brambles just isn’t that kind of place! For example, the “lawns” spend more time being dug up by squirrels and other animals, more time than I ever could of imagined. The brambles, no matter how hard they’ve been cut back or pulled out seem to be back almost the next day! If they were all in one spot, I’d leave them for the birds as I know they make perfect homes. The problem is they pop up anywhere and everywhere… And then there is the… OK I won’t bore you about that now :)

To me, as long as the garden makes a good home for the wildlife I’ve done my job and I’m happy :)

The Brambles is a mix of trees, bushes, flowers, herbs, “grass” and currently a “very mini allotment” of a handful of veg items. The veg items is the “gardener” in me getting a bit carried away! But it’s always nice to try and grow something to eat :) It’s located in SW Surrey, England.

As well as sharing The Brambles I love to read what you share in the comments. It’s great to hear about what is going on in your garden and/or local area. So please don’t be shy and tell us what’s happening where you are :)

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I hope you enjoy “The Brambles” as much as I do.