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Hi :) This week it’s all about the bees. I had quite a successful week taking photos of them and I even tried to capture some video. However, it looks like my video technique needs a lot of work! I’m thinking it might be better to try something that doesn’t move so fast first!!!

In this weeks photos you’ll notice one of my English lavenders taking centre stage along with the bees. This lavender has grown huge this year even though I cut it back quite hard last autumn. The white lavender has also grown well and both look amazing, especially when covered in bees and butterflies :)

I’ve always loved lavender and there is a Hidcote in the garden too, but this flowered earlier than the English and white. I have some other smaller English lavenders too. I’d like to get some other varieties for next year if I can find a way to squeeze them into a border somewhere!

The really great thing about lavender is that it doesn’t take much looking after. The only thing I do is to cut them back in the autumn and usually they all grow well again the next year. It could’t get any better than that. Easy to grow and great for attracting the insects, especially the bees :)

The Brambles Journal 15th – 21st August 2016

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This weeks pages were created with my own photos. The wonderful graphics are by Lynne Anzelc Designs and DaisyTrail and commercial use fonts and graphics available from Design Cuts.

Your Garden and Local Area

What’s been happening in your garden and/or local area this week? If you’d like to share, I love to read. Please share in the comments section below. Looking forward to catching up :)

Enjoy your week and I hope you spot lots of wildlife including lots of bees. Natasha :)

6 thoughts on “It’s all about the bees! – The Brambles Journal

  1. I made the pictures bigger than the screen – they are amazing pics of the bees – I love their big beady eyes – the flowers are pretty too! Thanks for the blog Tasha. Love Barbara xx

    1. Thank you Barbara :) They are tricky to photograph as they never stop going about their “day job”! I end up taking a lot of pictures, and some I almost miss the bee entirely as it’s flying off before I’ve pressed the button!!! You’re welcome, Tasha xxx

  2. Beautiful pages and fantastic photos of the bees Natasha.
    I’m torn with trimming our Lavender too much in the autumn because
    for the last few winters a pair of Goldfinches always seem to appear over the winter months
    and feast fairly often on the lavender seeds.
    Fortunately our lavender bed is big so we can trim around the edge
    and leave the middle for them – its hard to reach the middle as well.
    Gill x

  3. Thank you Gill :) I’ve had a similar experience with bullfinches eating the forget-me-not seeds! They jump up to reach them or bend the stem down. I’ll now be leaving a bit of lavender too and looking out for goldfinches having a feast :) I didn’t know it was on their menu, thanks for the top tip!

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