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All Change

Hi :) It’s all change this week as it has felt partly like summer and partly like autumn.

Depending on what calendar is used autumn has started, or hasn’t quite yet started! The meteorological calendar has autumn beginning at the start of September and the astronomical calendar on the 22nd September.

I’ve started to notice a change already. While I was gardening last weekend the leaves of the silver birch were sporadically falling. This fall has continued and the leaves are more noticeably starting to change colour. The mornings have also started to have a slight chill to them, even on the warmer days.  The flowers on all the buddleias have gone over now too.

However, the chilli plants have a lot of new flowers on, which are a little late now in the season! Although these chillis were suitable for outdoor growing I think they would have done better in a greenhouse.

It’s been quiet for blackbirds. I’ve only seen a handful this week, but the geese are still going over morning and night and I’m still dashing to the window when I hear them honking!

The Brambles Journal 29th August – 4th September 2016

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This weeks pages were created with my own photos. The wonderful graphics are by Lynne Anzelc Designs and DaisyTrail and commercial use fonts available from Design Cuts.

All my journal pages can be found on Flickr here: The Brambles Tale Journal

Your Garden and Local Area

What’s been happening in your garden and/or local area this week? If you’d like to share, I love to read. Please share in the comments section below. Looking forward to catching up :)

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the start of the season change to autumn. Natasha :)

6 thoughts on “All Change – The Brambles Journal

  1. Beautiful photos and pages Natasha.
    Our Buddleias look like they are getting some more flowers.
    I don’t want to cut off all the dead heads so I can leave some for the birds –
    the Blue tits seem to like them.
    How lovely to see the Geese, I’m not seen any foe ages fly over here.
    Gill x

  2. Thank you Gill :) I didn’t know that the blue tits liked the buddleia flowers. I have quite a few flowers that have gone over, so I’ll leave those for now and cut them back later in the year. With the geese it’s great to hear them honking! I hope you hear some soon :)

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