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Beautiful Spring

Hello, and welcome to the April edition of “The Brambles Journal” – Beautiful Spring. I love this time of year as everything in the garden and nature transforms. Not only are the flowers amazing, with so many gorgeous colours, the trees too are a joy to look at. They also have an amazing number of colours. It looks to me like no tree type is the same colour of green!

This month catch up with more from the blackbirds, my poetry, a word search, and this month a new feature “out and about”. I’d planned to include this section in January but I never made it out to take any photos, and now it’s April! I ended up going a bit “overboard” with poems this month and I didn’t have space for a recipe. It will return next time :)

Find out all about what’s happening this spring in my garden and out and about in the local area below.

The Brambles Journal – April 2017

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This month’s magazine was created with a mix of wonderful graphics by DaisyTrail, Lynne Anzelc Designs, Dawn Inskip and commercial use graphics and fonts available from Design Cuts. All the photos, the text and poems are my own.

All my Brambles journal pages can be found on Flickr here: The Brambles Tale Journal

Your Garden and Local Area

I love to read about what’s been going on in your garden and/or local area, so please share in the comments section below. I look forward to catching up :)

If this is your first visit to The Brambles don’t forget to take a look at the previous editions.

Have fun enjoying the nature that surrounds you and I’ll be back soon.


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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring – The Brambles Journal – April 2017

  1. Another wonderful edition – your garden is looking beautiful Natasha
    and great to see you are still getting such a variety of visitors.
    So glad Mr & Mrs B didn’t go too far with their new nest.
    I’m wondering if our resident female may have died as not seen her for weeks –
    but ‘he’ is still singing away and protecting his space from all intruders.
    Seen the first of the young sparrows and starlings being fed this week which is always nice to watch.
    Our Weigela is in bloom, the Kerria sadly just dying, the Abutilon just starting to bloom and lots of flower heads appearing on some sort of poppies – it’s a great time of year with so much to look forward to.
    As always I loved your poetry and the last one was my favourite and as always I didn’t want
    the magazine to end (roll on next edition!)
    Gill x

  2. Hi Gill, thank you so much for your wonderful comments :) I hope your Mrs B is all okay, especially as the Mr is doing such a great job! That’s brilliant seeing some little ones. I’ve not seen any yet but I don’t get either sparrows or starlings in the garden. It’s wonderful hearing all the little squeaky voices isn’t it. I thought the Pieris in the garden had died and cut it right back in a hope it might do something and so far so good, there has been some new growth. It’s not the same as it was but hopefully it will recover. Maybe cut back the Kerria and see what happens. I had better get my skates on and get creating :)

  3. Another really interesting read…your garden is blooming Natasha with everything I love the damsel fly so delicate and pretty. we have lots of black birds and we saw a young one this morning it looked like his wing was sticking out but he flew alright so we were not to worried about him I saw a Robin and bluetits no more butterflies only the cabbage ones I treated myself to a new camera last week so I’m hoping to get better photos in future I took one yesterday of a honey bee on one of the flowers and you won’t believe this but a few weeks ago there was a queen wasp making her nest on the end of my curtain pelmet in our bedroom…we had to get rid I’m afraid and at the time I never thought to take a photo. Oh and my Ornamental Poppies are blooming everyone stops to have a look at them when they pass by…..Thank you Natasha for another lovely read I look for forward to the next one. Mary.xx

  4. Hi Mary, thank you so much for your lovely comments :) I’m thinking I’m the only one that hasn’t seen any young birds yet! How wonderful about the blackbird :) Great news about the camera, I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. Oh no! I bet that was a bit of a shock. I’ve had to shoo out a number of queen wasps that have come in via the windows looking for nest sites, luckily no nests though!!! With all the talk of poppies I need to check if mine down the end of the garden are flowering yet. There were lots of poppy leaves the last time I looked. I’m on the case!

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