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Delicate Dandelion

Hello :) This week I came across a dandelion, which looked so beautiful and delicate, I just had to go grab my camera and take a picture. There had just been a few spots of rain and these glistened on it, giving it an even more magical feel. Even as the flowers go over they still look beautiful.

The garden is getting lots of little bird visitors at the moment. There are loads of greenfinches, and some goldfinches even turned up too this week! They all love the sunflower seeds and every time I look out at the moment there are usually at least three of them munching away!

It’s still very quiet for blackbirds. There are a couple of the young ones around that come for food in the morning but I don’t usually see them much after that.

The Brambles Journal 5th – 11th September 2016

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This weeks pages were created with my own photos. The wonderful graphics are by Lynne Anzelc Designs and DaisyTrail and commercial use fonts available from Design Cuts.

All my journal pages can be found on Flickr here: The Brambles Tale Journal

Your Garden and Local Area

What’s been happening in your garden and/or local area this week? If you’d like to share, I love to read. Please share in the comments section below. Looking forward to catching up :)

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the wildlife and flowers that you see, Natasha :)

4 thoughts on “Delicate Dandelion – The Brambles Journal

  1. What a clever idea putting all your herbs in a hanging basket, no wonder the slugs could not get to them.
    How lovely to sit with your Godmother and see so many different birds in a day, I think your Godmother will love coming to your garden.The Heather and Sedum is certainly putting on a good show and the Bee is enjoying collecting his Pollen, I like the dandelion and the yellow Potentilla is really pretty, Thank you for sharing your garden Natasha, I always enjoy a good read and your beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful photos Natasha, especially the dandelion and bee.
    Our sedum is doing well this year too (that is an ‘Ice Plant’ I think, isn’t it?)
    Glad you had a lovely afternoon with Barbara.
    Gill xx oh and great idea for the herbs! :)

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