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How Many Owls?

I’ve not seen any owls at The Brambles. However, I have heard tawny owls calling in the evening and at night. They twit twoo and screech. Sometimes they are close by and sometimes it’s a faint sound in the distance. Maybe one evening I will spot one :) With this in mind I thought I’d create a picture with owls in. I know it’s daylight in my picture and a lot of owls come out at night, but these ones made an exception!

How many owls can you find in the picture?

How many other birds, animals etc. can you find?

Oh, and it looks like the English countryside has a rather unusual visitor too :)

Printable worksheet. To download, right mouse click and select Save image as.
Prints out A4 portrait. Created with amazing graphics by DaisyTrail and Lauren C Waterworth.
Please see Site Info page for terms of download.

I hope that you enjoy this worksheet, let me know in the comments, and please share with anyone who might be interested.


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