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Hi, I hope you’re having the same lovely weather as I’ve been having over the last few days. It’s great to be able to get out in the garden and take a few photos as well as just take the time to stand and enjoy all the insects, flowers and sunshine! I love listening to the bees buzzing too :)

I’ve managed to get photos of a number of butterflies and bees this week, and it always makes my day when I take a photo that turns out well. As all the insects are so busy getting on with their “day jobs”, they really do never stop! Just like the birds they don’t seem that keen on having their portraits taken, although unlike the birds they don’t all fly off the instant they see my camera! See my journal below for this weeks highlights :)

The Brambles Journal 8th – 14th August 2016

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This weeks pages were created with my own photos. The wonderful graphics are by Lynne Anzelc Designs and DaisyTrail and commercial use fonts available from Design Cuts.

Your Garden and Local Area

What’s been happening in your garden and/or local area this week? If you’d like to share, I love to read. Please share in the comments section below. Looking forward to catching up :)

Have a fantastic week, enjoy the wildlife and I’ll catch up with my journal again next week, Natasha :)

6 thoughts on “Insects, Flowers and Sunshine – The Brambles Journal

  1. Beautiful photos, I always look forward to your Journals, they are always interesting and full of surprises, I think my favourite has to be the Butterflies there are so few to be found where we are, it’s nice to see that they are not all disappearing. x:)

    1. Thank you :)With your garden having lots of lavender Mary I’m surprised and sad to hear that you don’t get a few more butterflies. If you have a little bit of space oregano/marjoram are also popular with the ones I’ve seen. And of course the cabbages with the large whites! I hope you get a few more later in the year.

  2. Loving these photos!! I miss our bees, I used to have hundreds, and now relatively few. Mother Nature is struggling! Thanks for the Brambles, I really enjoy them!

    1. Thank you Lynne :) I’m sad to hear that you no longer see many bees. I would miss them too. I think lots of our insects are struggling. I agree that our natural world is not doing so well and it’s sad that this is the case.

  3. Beautiful photos and fab post Natasha. Good to hear your Siskins are back.
    We’ve not had these since our Greenfinches disappeared a couple years back.
    Funny isn’t it how the birds lie in wait in the morning for their breakfast treats.
    Just seen our first Thrush in garden for a while so that was a nice surprise.

    1. Thank you Gill :) I think my birds have been talking to yours, getting top tips on asking for food! There have been quite a few greenfinches around so far this year as well as the siskins on and off. Hopefully they’ll return. There was a thrush that visited and also came for food. However, after going away a couple of days a few weeks back I’ve not seen it. I hope it’s okay. It used to collect lots to take away.

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