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Hello :)

August is here and the perfect time to restart The Brambles Journal. There is lots going on in the garden at the moment so I’m trying a daily instead of weekly way of displaying “the happenings”. I’m using an A5 book style Instead of an 8×8 inch page for now. Let me know what you think!

To view my journal pages larger, click on the images to open in Flickr.





To catch up with any previous journals, head over to my original blog: HERE

This weeks pages were created with my own photos. The wonderful graphics are by Lynne Anzelc Designs, DaisyTrail and various commercial use graphics and fonts available from Design Cuts.

I’d love to catch up with what’s going on in your garden and/or local area. Please share in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week, Natasha :)

6 thoughts on “It’s Back! – The Brambles Journal

  1. Hi Tasha,
    I love the layout and pics – especially the bee. Our bees seem to be late this year too – only just getting the little mounds of earth in the lawn to show where they go at dusk – tricky trying to avoid treading on them when hanging out the washing. Our bees seem to love the linaria? – tall purple spikes and of course Mum’s lovely pink/white rhododendron which bloomed early this year in April – the buds are bright red – then bright pink flowers gradually fading down to white. Thanks for blog Tash – take care – love Barbara. xx

  2. Thank you Barbara :) I love watching the bees, and trying to get a good photo of them, but they just never sit still! I have no idea where our bees go at night, so you are way ahead with yours! Your Mum’s rhododendron sounds gorgeous :) Thank you for sharing, Tasha xxx

  3. Hello Natasha, I have missed the Brambles so much, it’s always a surprise to see what’s going on in your lovely garden, I love the new layout too it’s very impressive,
    I was a bit concerned over the lack of honey bees this year, but as you say they are a bit late coming out, I have so many lavenders in pots waiting for them to come, over the past week I have noticed we are starting to get a few more honey bees along with the odd one or two bumble bees, which I am pleased to see. We also put a sugary drink out for them as we were told they like it. I think your Hydrangea is gorgeous,
    Your photographs are stunning. love it all. xx

    1. Thank you Mary :) I was missing The Brambles too! And I’ve missed so many stories, but I hope to catch up with some later on when there is less going on in the garden. My herbs had been flowering quite some time before I saw the bees. Often I see them as soon as they are out in flower. I love it that you’ve lots of lavenders in pots waiting for them to come and visit :) I think it would be a great scrapbook page, pictures of your lavenders, and bees if your able to photograph any. I know only too well that they aren’t easy to get a good photo of. Thank you for sharing, Tasha xxx

  4. Hi – Love the a5 book style as it views nicely on screen.
    Beautiful photos and fab post as always, have missed this and missed keeping a garden diary myself this year.
    You might have just kick started me back into this :)
    I’ve noticed more bees in last few days which is great but I must pay more attention
    to what type they are.
    Gill x

    1. Thank you Gill :) I’m looking forward to seeing your garden diary again :) It’s great you’ve noticed more bees too. Mine I’m sure were a little late this year, but it’s great to see them now. I have a few different types, not yet all identified, but I’m working on it! Thank you for sharing, Tasha xxx

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