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Spring is in the Air

Hello, and welcome to the March edition of “The Brambles Journal” – Spring is in the Air. It’s a beautiful time of the year with everything jumping into life. The garden is full of colour and the sun has been out quite a bit too :)

This month catch up with the blackbirds, what’s happening in the pond, a favourite recipe and lots of flower pictures from the garden.

Find out all about spring in the garden below :)

The Brambles Journal – March 2017

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This month’s magazine was created with a mix of wonderful graphics by DaisyTrail, Lynne Anzelc Designs and commercial use graphics and fonts available from Design Cuts. All the photos, the text and poem are my own.

All my Brambles journal pages can be found on Flickr here: The Brambles Tale Journal

Your Garden and Local Area

I love to read about what’s been going on in your garden and/or local area, so please share in the comments section below. I look forward to catching up :)

If this is your first visit to The Brambles don’t forget to take a look at January and February editions too.

Have fun enjoying the nature that surrounds you and I’ll be back soon.


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6 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air – The Brambles Journal – March 2017

  1. Hi Nasha I’m sorry to hear about your Godmother I have heard you talk about how she used to love to come and visit you and sit in your Garden…. there will always be that special place where you will remember her…..
    Another very interesting magazine Natasha…..there is so much going on in the garden now and yours is full of life….we don’t have as much variety with birds here ….our blackbirds are very busy at the moment it is lovely to see them in the garden looking for food …we did have a hover fly on the window yesterday which I have not seen before and I have spotted slug trails I think we have more this year….the dandelions are blooming there are always plenty of those here much to my Husbands annoyance but I do like them ….I did manage to get a photo of a Giant Peacock Butterfly which is the first time I have seen one…we also have spring lambs in the farmers field at the back of us…..everything is budding and coming alive my favourite sign of spring is when we see the fresh new leaves on the trees like a lime colour…..Thank you for an enjoyable read…I look forward to the next magazine……in the mean time I will be reading this a few more times.xx

  2. Hi Mary, many thanks for your lovely words. Barbara did very much enjoy her visit to The Brambles. It’s great to hear about what is going on in your garden. I see slugs all year round but I think they are fairly constant in number for the time of year. The dandelions are all blooming lots as well, but the bees like them so I leave most of them! That’s great to hear you managed to get a photo of the butterly sometimes they land and you get a quick opportunity. Other times they dart by so fast there is no chance! It must be lovely looking out at the lambs. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying reading the magazine :)

  3. A jam packed edition full of lots of lovely flowers, butterflies, bees and exciting stories of the goings on with the Blackbirds and other things at The Brambles… and with your beautiful poem.. this months magazine is such a wonderful dedication to Barbara.
    That was a great photo especially of the flower with bee already in it and one waiting.
    It’s exciting when you have birds nesting in the garden – you’ll probably be up looking out of the window more now and not get much work done :) …I look forward to hearing the next instalment.
    One of our interloper male blackbirds is calling especially for currants and taking them away – so either he is feeding young somewhere or maybe its for his ‘missus’ on the nest.

  4. Hi Gill, thank you for your lovely words. With the bee photo it was just lucky timing and it really did have a bit of a surprise! I often go into the kitchen, which overlooks the back garden, for a cup of tea and about 10-15 minutes later I get back to the study after having been mesmerised by what’s going on in the garden! I’m guessing your blackbird has to sneak in “under the radar”, I bet he’s looking around all the time to make sure he’s not been spotted! It sounds like your blackbirds like a bit of desert then! It’s great to hear your looking forward to next months edition :)

  5. Natasha,
    Another great magazine. I have read it from cover to cover and have enjoyed it all. I love how you put it all together.
    I cried the first time I read the poem. I understand how personal it was for you. I had to read it again and the words are just so meaningful.
    I will be waiting excitedly for the next issue for next month… Oh and your photos are great Loved the bee getting a surprise!!!!!

  6. Hi Beth, I’m so pleased you found meaning in my poem and thank your for your lovely words. It was so funny watching the bee get such a surprise, it probably happens all the time but we don’t always get to see these those moments! It’s so nice to hear you’re looking forward to the next edition, I’d better get writing :)

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