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The Brambles in September

Hello, although we are now well into October here is a little recap of some of the things I spotted at The Brambles in September, and what has been going on! Click on the image to view larger in Flickr.

Created with beautiful graphics by Lauren Waterworth, DaisyTrail, CreateWings Designs and fonts available from Design Cuts.

September in the Garden and Local Area

What happened during September in your garden or local area? I’d love to hear about it :)

Have fun enjoying the nature that surrounds you and I’ll be back soon.


2 thoughts on “The Brambles in September

  1. This is a gorgeous layout Natasha, I love the watercolours, your so lucky to have all those different butterflies visiting your garden, we rarely see any now, Its nice to see the woodpeckers still visit along with the blackbirds and the squirrels, they know where the best restaurant is by the look of your busy garden, we have just cut down all our lavender now and taken up the summer begonias from the pots, there’s not much else happening in our part of the country except for the lovely Autumn colours that are around us. I look forward to your next journal, Thank you Mary.xx

  2. Hi Mary, thank you for your lovely comments :) Luckily there is usually something going on in the garden and there are certainly a lot of greenfinch visitors at the moment. They do indeed know the best place to dine! You are much more organised than I am with your garden. I have a few jobs to do. Natasha xxx

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