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Welcome to “The Brambles” new home. It’s with some sadness I leave behind my original blogspot blog, but it was time for a change. However, if you’d like to catch up with any of my older posts the blog will remain available. Head over to: the-brambles-tale.blogspot.co.uk.

The Brambles – a tale of a garden has always been close to my heart. I love sharing my garden with you and I also love to hear about what is happening in your garden and/or local area. So please continue to share :)

I am “expanding” my blog a little to also cover my local area, out and about further afield, and also some other “stuff”. Of course I’ll still be sharing all the antics, stories and tales from “The Brambles”.

As well as posts, I’ll be adding more pages, which will be accessible from the menu bar. Keep your eyes open for them :)

First sighting of…

Actually let me start now with something new. This is quite exciting!!! Early in July I spotted a red kite flying over the garden! I know there are some in the area, I’ve seen them a few miles away, but a fly past over The Brambles is a first. No photo! I was elbow deep in compost, planting some cabbage seedlings. It’s was great to see it, but I’m happy to have the occasional sighing and not have them move in too close!

The garden does have some visits from birds of prey. Sometimes a male sparrowhawk, less frequently a female, and I’ve also seen a couple of fly by’s by buzzards. At night the tawny owls can be heard either twit twooing or screeching. The first is definitely the more pleasant to listen too!

Here is a photo of Mr Sparrowhawk that Steve took back in 2012. A stunning bird.

Keep up to Date

I plan to post regularly, but sometimes I get a little busy and things don’t quite go to plan. Subscribe so you don’t miss any posts :)

Catch up soon, Natasha :)

4 thoughts on “The Brambles New Online Home

    1. They are lovely birds, just not when they are feasting on a one of the little birds which also visit the garden, which I saw once :( They are quite bold too. I can go out in the garden and get within a few feet before they fly off.

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