At The Brambles well-being is important. There are so many ways to add in a bit of well-being into the day and here are some of my favourite resources for doing this. Bold, underlined text are links.

I use essential oils nearly every day in either my own self care products, cleaning products or in an oil burner. I have a good selection, but it's just like with clothes, there is always another one that would be good to have!

I love crystals for the way they feel in my hand, how they look, and the way they "speak" to me. Of course they don't literally speak to me! But there is just something about them, each one's individual colour, shape, weight...

During the day I stop and take a few minutes out with a cup of herb tea. I love them for their taste, smell and that I know they are doing me the world of good with every sip :)

Favourite Oils

Essential Oils

Lavender is my top essential oil. I use it on my pillow at night, mixed in with coconut oil for my skin and for "potions"! In the summer I make a "potion" for insect bites of coconut oil, lavender, tea tree and peppermint, which works for me to reduce the effect of the bite. I store my potions in little one portion jam jars and put them in a cupboard so they stay out of the light. These pots are the perfect size for packing when going away.

Rose Otto (5% in coconut oil) is my second favourite oil. I don't wear perfume, so I use rose as a little floral "indulgence" on my wrists.

Frankincense I use alongside lavender, rose otto, roman chamomile and a splash of rosehip oil in coconut oil for body lotion.

Palmarosa is one I bought for its similarity in smell to rose.

Tea Tree is a must to help for me with relieving itching from insect bites, and I do seem to get bitten quite a lot!

Sweet Orange is an oil I add to a blend of arnica oil and jojoba oil which I use on my knees and ankles when painful.

My essential oils are mainly from Absolute Aromas and amour natural.

Carrier Oils

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by the groovy food company is the main carrier oil that I use and it's the same one I use for cooking with!

Fractionated Coconut Oil is what I use in the shower. I sometimes use this and other times a 100% olive oil soap.

Jojoba Oil is a good general base oil for me as a change from coconut oil.

Arnica Oil is my go to for aches and pains.

Rose Hip Oil is good for when my face suffers from being a bit drier than usual.


aromatherapy blends & remedies by Franzesca Watson contains over 800 "recipes" for everyday use.

Aromatherapy For Healing The Spirit by Gabriel Mojay covers how to restore emotional and mental balance through the use of essential oils.

Complete Health & Healing by Neal's Yard covers herbs and essential oils for natural ways to heal your body and nourish your mind.


Favourite Crystals

Blue John is my all time favourite crystal. I have two pieces that I bought on one of the visits I've had to the Blue John Mines in Derbyshire. It is a fluorite and hence has fluorite properties. It is also displays protective in terms of EMFs.

Aventurine is one of my favourite crystals. It's name makes me think of adventures :)

Shungite and Black Tourmaline reside on my desk beside my desktop PC due to their properties in terms of EMFs.

Ametrine is a beautiful crystal of purple and yellow with properties of both amethyst and citrine.

Blue Lace Agate is another one of my favourites for its looks but I also find it a calming crystal.


I have a number of books on crystals and these are a few of my favourites.

The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt is one of my go to Crystal books.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is my other go to book on crystal properties.

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 3 by Judy Hall is a book on crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress. An A-Z Guide. A few years ago I started getting headaches above my right ear, the side I held the dect house phone to (also my mobile but at that time I didn't use it for calls much). I started using the phone on speaker and eventually the headache subsided. I then started using the phone again to my ear and actually forgot about the issue. But it came back. Now I only use the dect phone on speaker and my mobile either on speaker or with air tube headphones. The headaches luckily disappeared again. However, it got me looking into the wider issue of EMFs and this book is an interesting read.

Crystals Made Easy by Judy Hall is full of useful information.

Cleansing crystals

Clear 2 Light by Petaltone is recommended by Judy Hall for cleansing crystals and this is what I use to cleanse mine. It's much quicker than the other recommended methods.


Crystals Made Easy by Judy Hall is an online course provided via Hay House. This course is amazing. Judy Hall shares, in a clear step by step way, everything you need to know about how to get started using crystals. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me the confidence to use them.

Favourite Teas

Herb Teas

I do love my herb and fruit teas! I often drink a warm freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning, sometimes with grated fresh ginger to give it a kick! As the spring progresses my mint and lemon balm appears again after hiding away for the winter. I add these to hot water, and to flavour cold water as well. These herbs are so easy to grow and are perfect for pots. I have a few china teapots that I use for my brews :) I try to buy organic herbs and tea bags when I can. Clipper

Chamomile was the first herb tea that I tried and I've been drinking it ever since! I also grow this in the garden and use the fresh flowers when they appear. It's a great drink for any time of the day.

Nettle has been a favourite of mine for a long time but so far I've not tried making my own. I do have a few nettles in the garden that I leave intentionally as the insects like the flowers. Maybe one day I will use them for tea! I find this a good tea for the afternoon.

Peppermint fresh or dried is refreshing drink. It's a decongestant so I often drink this when I've got the sniffles.

Lemon Balm straight from the garden in the spring and summer makes a lovely refreshing brew.

Hibiscus is the most amazing colour and I've managed to find this in flower form in the local Chinese supermarket. It's quite tart and I sometimes drink this with a little honey in it.

Ginger can be used fresh or dried and this also works well as I've mentioned above with fresh lemon juice. It's another drink that I sometimes add honey too and perfect for cold winter mornings.

Echinacea is another tea that I often drink during the winter but only when I feel my body needs a bit of a "kick".

Rosemary is another great herb that is easy to grow in the garden and makes a nice change for a cuppa.

Fennel I like for a change, as well as Dandelion and finally Raspberry Leaf.


Other Teas

I've never enjoyed black tea, but I do like a cup of  White Tea or Green Tea now and then.

Other Drinks

I drink a lot of water at room temperature but I also like to flavour it sometimes with either fresh mint or lemon balm from the garden, cucumber or fresh lemon and/or lime juice.